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We welcome visitors but ask that you contact us beforehand.

Club Rules:

(1) Safety is our number one priority, when you come to club with your dog, the dog MUST be in a crate in your vehicle. Dogs have been known to squeeze through windows and open doors, we would like to prevent your dog from injury to itself, other dogs or members. This rule is not optional and you will be asked to leave if your dog is uncrated.
(2) When outside the vehicle your dog MUST be on leash at all times.
(3) Your are to have control of your dog at all times.
(4) Member dogs will be worked first, followed by guests. The order may be modified by the training director as needed.
(5) There will be a $20.00 per dog fee for guests that have their dog(s) evaluated or worked in protection, additional fees will apply for added phases (e.g. tracking or obedience).